Mo. B. Dick

(Mo Fischer, LA/NYC) January 2018 – present

Owner, Co-Founder, Researcher, PR

Drag King Legend Mo B. Dick is the driving force behind Drag King History. Mo saw the need for historical drag king representation, and in January 2018 teamed up with Ken Vegas so they could use their talents to gather all the pieces of this rich history into one location.The initial inspiration was to represent the unrepresented male impersonators of the past and to educate the drag kings of today. This project has grown to include an expansive collection of courageous performers who have donned men’s attire for theatrical purposes around the world. Cheers to all the pioneers past, present and future!

In 2020, The U.S. Library of Congress requested and was granted permission to archive this website for generations to come. In January 2024, Mo became the sole proprietor of this project.

Photo Credit: Pat Rivera

Ken Vegas

(Kendra, Wash,DC) January 2018 – December 2023

Co-Founder, Webmaster

Drag King Legend Ken Vegas served as the webmaster, graphic designer, and co-creator for this project from its inception through to December 2023. Ken utilized their professional skills as a web designer, and experiences as a publisher and producer to share this valuable and inspiring information with the world.

Photo Credit: Carrie Meyer

Flare aka Flarington King

(Clare Bradley-Smyth, Toronto CN) January 2018 – December 2018

Researcher / Documentarian

Drag King Legend Flare teamed up with Mo and Ken for the initial formation of this project, and served as a research contributor for several notable profiles on the site.

Photo credit: Dolly Shots Photography