The Drag King History Team

The Drag King History Team2018-05-15T21:30:49+00:00

Mo. B. Dick

(Mo Fischer, LA/NYC)
Producer, Researcher, PR

I am excited to bring this team together so that we could use our talents to gather all the pieces of our rich history into one location. The initial inspiration was to represent the unrepresented Male Impersonators from the past and to educate the Drag Kings of today. This passion project has grown to include an expansive group of courageous women who have donned male attire for the stage. Cheers to all the pioneers past, present and future!

Photo Credit: Pat Rivera


(Clare Smyth, Toronto CN)
Researcher / Documentarian

I started documenting my drag king experience when The Fabulous Toronto Drag Kings attended the first IDKE (International Drag King Community Extravaganza) October 1999 in Columbus, Ohio. I have researched, documented, and participated in the Drag King and draglesque art forms for over 20 years. By sharing my experiences and research, I hope that we recognize our rich history and the successful powerful performers who paved our way.

Photo of Flare: Tania Anderson

Ken Vegas

(Kendra Kuliga, Washington, DC)

After attending IDKE (International Drag King Extravaganza) and meeting Flare in October 1999 in Columbus, Ohio, I began to document the burgeoning drag king scene by creating “KING”, a self-published ‘zine. This grew into a larger project called Kingdom Magazine (with co-publisher Carlos Las Vegas) which covered the growth of IDKE and the world-wide Drag King explosion. Utilizing my professional skills as a web designer, and my experiences as a publisher and as a producer, I am excited to share this valuable and inspiring information with the World.
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