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Kingdom Magazine Vol. 1

by Ken Vegas & Carlos Las Vegas

“Kingdom Magazine” was dedicated to documenting drag king history, drag shows, our arts and photographs, from performers all over the World.

Inspired by the Drag King community at IDKE (The International Drag King Etravaganza), Ken Vegas and Carlos Las Vegas, teamed up with incredibly generous drag king contributors, photographers and artists to document what was happening at the time. There was a lot of activity in the scene of emerging drag artists, troupes and gender politics that Ken and Carlos knew that they had to create a space for these voices and efforts to be documented for future generations of drag kings, genderbenders and historians to reference.

We hope you enjoy taking a peek into the world of drag that was occurring in the early part of the 21st century.

We offer Kingdom Vol. 1 as a free printable download (PDF) with more editions to come as they are made available.