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Limited Edition: Available Now Through March 31st in Celebration of Women’s History Month
10 Amazingly Different 1/4oz Teas: 4 Black Teas, 3 Herbal Teas, 2 Oolong Teas, & 1 Green Tea.

A portion of every Tea Taster box goes towards raising funds for DragKingHistory.com

Please look up the performers listed below which we paired with each tea included in your box.

Tang Dynasty (618 – 907 A.D.)

Osmanthus Oolong Tea

The tea has mixed notes of sweet, spicy, and floral, which works as an instant mood lifter. Osmanthus flowers blossom during tea season and are used in scenting this oolong. Blending of hand picked oolong tea and freshly picked Osmanthus flowers allows the tea to absorb the fragrance of the flower that offers a mellow and smooth texture with a calming aroma. The best part about the marriage of flower and oolong is the whole open leaf gives out an authentic aroma and beautiful taste of tea.

Mademoiselle de Maupin (1690 – 1705)

Mistress Grey Black Tea

This is such a naughty yet nice tea that helps whip you up to rise above mental fog. You will be hit with citrus tones of lemongrass and bergamot. No need to bow-down and subject yourself to gloom, this tea will order you up off your knees. The spicy notes tasted come from the cloves rich aromatic tones. Tamed down with rose and Madagascar Vanilla Bean, creating a lovely comforting accent bound together in the cup. Curious to try? With your consent: Let your mind perk up and allow for deep satisfaction to wash over you as you smell and sip this tea. This tea is so much about teasing your senses.

Vesta Tilley (1869 – 1920)

English Breakfast Black Tea

A richer, more complex version of a traditional English Breakfast, we’ve blended Indian, Chinese and Ceylon Black Teas to produce an outstanding aromatic and full flavored Breakfast tea that can stand alone or be served in the traditional English manner with milk and sugar.

Maude Adams (1900 – 1918)

Sleep Sweetly Herbal Caffeine Free Tea

Let the weight of the day melt away allowing you to drift off to sleep with this herbal tea blend. One of our most popular sleep blends at the shop. It’s fun for us to hear the countless stories from our customers pertaining how this blend has them head off to Neverland. Sleep well and share your adventures in the morning to others.

Misora Hibari (1943 – 1989)

Kukicha Gold Green Tea

Roasted Kukicha is a luxuriant base for the warming feel good spices.The tea is also commonly called twig tea and offers a lightly nutty flavor. The tea is a green tea characterized by a mild sweet flavor, a unique aroma, and a creamy body. The tea brews into a light yellow hue. Kukicha is a low caffeine tea enjoyed by kids and adults alike in Japan.

Gladys Bentley (1925 – 1950)

The Chocolate Beauty Black Tea

Rich Chocolate & fragrant Peppermint are blended with a robust Black Tea to offer a delicate and fragrant cup of black tea with distinctly exquisite peppermint and Chocolate notes that linger on the palate. Beautiful and bold black tea is expertly blended with having you recall the taste of a nostalgic box of cookies. It’s also an irresistible midday or after-dinner tea.

Azucena Maizani (1920 – 1945)

Sol Mate Herbal (w/Caffeine)

A bright refreshing blend to help energize and bring extra happiness to your day. Tastes like the best of summer with floral, citrus, and minty notes delicately melding with the traditional South American Yerba Mate flavor and fruity Elderberry. The Yerba Mate plant is another type of naturally producing caffeine plant species. 

Stormé DeLarverié (1955 – 1969)

Campfire Black Tea

A smoky, woody, full-bodied tea. Think mesquite and barbeque-esque flavor. Drying the leaves over pine log fires produces its treasured mild smoky flavor and aroma. Think baritone voice – deep, rich and memorable.

Mo B. Dick (1995 – Present)

Milky Oolong Tea

is made by premium organic high mountain Oolong tea base. It is exquisitely processed into the dragonfly head shape. And the tea is scented by edible milky essence, which is the same as those in the cakes and cookies. The Milky flavor is a perfect combination with the green oolong flavor.  The taste of the tea is full-bodied smooth, and gives mellow aftertaste. The flavor of the tightly rolled leaves is smooth with light, orchid notes. They have the alluring fragrance of sweet cream and pineapple. The milky aroma mixed with fresh, clean stone-fruit aromas is very soothing to the soul.

Ken Vegas (1996 – Present)

Rooibos Chai Herbal Caffeine Free

With this dark red infusion our Rooibos Chai has a rich mouthful flavor, along with sweet cinnamon and aromatic green cardamom, imparting a familiar taste to this caffeine free chai blend. Enlivening star anise mixes with assertive ginger, floral and pungent black pepper to produce a truly original anytime chai. Perfect to make A Chai Latte with and yet is Caffeine Free.


A portion of every Tea Taster box goes towards raising funds for DragKingHistory.com