1791-1795 Euphrosyne Löf

Years active

Stage Name // Legal/Birth Name
Euphrosyne Löf

Country of Origin
Sweden, Stockholm

Breeches Roles

Day Birth – Day Death


Euphrosyne Löf was the daughter of Johan Gottfrid Löf, a taffeltäckare (literally table coverer) at the royal court, and Catharina Charlotta Stålhammar. And she was the sister of the famed actress Fredrique Löwen who was the first female star at the Royal Dramatic Theater which opened in 1788. Euphrosyne and her seven sisters were known to be high class prostitutes in the royal circles of Stockholm which gave them access to higher education and economic opportunities.

She made her successful stage debut on the Royal Dramatic Theatre in 1791 relishing her role as a stage actress. It’s to be noted that she was also a refined ballet dancer at the Opera. Making a bold choice, Euphrosyne was among the first well-known actresses of her time to play a breeches role as the leading male role in the play De begge kammarpagerna (The Two Valets) by Kexel.

Despite her artistic successes, she is historically best known for her affair with Prince Frederick Adolf of Sweden from 1795 to 1800. This relationship was not favorable in many social circles and Frederick ended it due to her alleged bad behavior. She was given a courtly stipend living a comfortable life until her death in 1828.

Historical Milestones
1791 – Made successful theatrical debut at the Royal Dramatic Theatre.

1794 – Played a breeches role in the play De begge kammarpagerna (The Two Valets) by Kexel as the leading male roles of August and Theodor with actress Inga Åberg.

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